Applying Climate Information in Africa. An Assessment of Current Knowledge

  • There are a number of different ways to make
    predictions of seasonal climate. None of these is
    foolproof, and often which method is appropriate
    depends on what climate variables (e.g. total precipitation,
    temperature) are being predicted, andthe geographic region for which the prediction is
    being made. The most commonly used techniques
    are statistical modeling, and dynamical modeling.
    For each method, it is crucial to represent the uncertainty
    inherent in the future climate, and to
    communicate that uncertainty to potential users in
    an effective manner. This report identifies five
    areas where forecasting efforts could be improved:
    regional modeling, integrated use of earth
    observation systems, development of additional
    forecast products, forecast verification, and communication
    of uncertainty.

  • Patt, A. G.; Winkler, Jordan

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  • 2007-00-00

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  • Central Africa; East Africa; Northern Africa; Southern Africa; West Africa