River Basins and Change

  • The present publication follows two major objectives.
    • to document major contributions to the conference by providing background reading for those interested to (re)visit the issues addressed and debates held in December 2010 at the GWSP-GCI conference, and
    • to present those issues, debate and contributions of the conference for the present and future generation of graduate students.

    By aiming to achieve these two objectives simultaneously, this e-book is an attempt to assist those who will soon enter the professional community of what may be called the “water world”.

    This introduction has been written to introduce the content and features of the book in the traditional sense. Furthermore it aims to guide the reader through the book.
    While the conference was organized around three main thematic areas and subdivided into seven topical focal areas:

    • Impact of global change on river basins
    • Climate change impacts on river basins
    • Impacts of large-scale land use patterns and demographic changes
    • Long-distance connectivities and linkages of river basins
    • Connectivities and linkages between river basins and the
    earth system
    • Connectivities and linkages within river basins • Virtual water flows between river basins
    • The role of global governance in river basin management
    • Impacts of national and international actors on river basin processes
    • Influence of global and national governance on water resources in river basins The present book is conceived with a much simplified structure.

    Contributions are grouped into three "thematic blocks" focusing on global change and river basins, accounting for water and river basins, and governance and river basins.

  • Janos J. Bogardi, Jan Leentvaar, Hans-Peter Nachtnebel

  • gwsp.ipo@uni-bonn.de

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