Cities feeding people: An examination of urban agriculture in East Africa : edited by Axumite G. Egziabher, Diana Lee-Smith, Daniel G. Maxwell, Pyar Ali Menon, Luc J.A. Mougeot and Camnillus J. Sawio International Development Research Center Ottawa 146 pp (1994)

  • Urban issues in Africa have again moved
    toward the top of the development agenda.
    A powerful case for greater attention to
    urban areas has recently been made by
    Becker et al. (1994), and there has been a
    spat of conferences and books on the theme
    of 'sustainable cities'. The spatial, social and
    economic relations between urban and rural
    areas have been the subject of considerable
    previous study, as have the links between
    rural agricultural activities, urban areas and
    urban livelihoods. Guyer's (1987) edited
    volume on urban food systems in Africa
    brings together much of this earlier work
    and is still the basic reference. The present
    collection of seven papers goes a step further
    in drawing our attention specifically to food
    production activities in and around cities
    (i.e. 'urban agriculture'). The papers were
    prepared for two meetings organised in 1993
    by the International Development Research
    Centre of Canada, which also funded much
    of the original field research.
    In addition to introductory and

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