Hazards in changing cities

  • A special session of the International Geographical Union’s Study Group on the
    Disaster Vulnerability of Megacities illustrates three different directions in which
    teams of researchers working on problems of natural hazards and large-scale
    urbanization are proceeding. Geographers are analysing the social dimensions
    of human vulnerability among marginal populations in Tokyo. Engineers are
    developing a time-sensitive methodology for assessing earthquake risk and hazard
    mitigation capacities in megacities. Physicists are exploring the potential of
    emerging models of self-organizing neural systems and adaptive learning as pointers
    to the future development of urban settlement patterns. All three initiatives
    offer improvements to existing analytic tools for understanding hazards in the
    context of urbanization.

  • James K. Mitchell

  • Book

  • Applied Geography

  • 1998-00-00

  • 0143-6228

  • East Asia