Implementing Sustainable Bioenergy Production: A Compilation of Tools and Approaches

  • This paper is a compilation of example principles, frameworks and tools already in use in the conservation community which may be applied to bioenergy production to identify and reduce environmental as well as socio-economic risks and promote opportunties. The aim is to provide the range of stakeholders who are engaged in the bioenergy agenda (governments, businesses, communities, land owners, and individuals) the tools to achieve more sustainable outcomes in relation to ecosystems and livelihoods. Key recommendations from this paper are:
    1) do not re-invent the wheel
    2) think broadly about objectives
    3) do not wait
    4) expand and adapt existing tools
    5) use common sense
    6) bioenergy is not just about biofuels

  • Keam, S. and McCormick, N.

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  • 2008-00-00

  • 978-2-8317-1131-7

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